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Scotch Hoppers

Scotch Hoppers game design / 2014 / for Brian Hartley and Stillmotion


In 2014, Brian Hartley developed his work Scotch Hoppers as part of the cultural programme around the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. The piece - a physical installation with regular performances - ran for ten days, based around a pattern on the ground and a set of rules about how to interact with that pattern.

Players could take part themselves, or they could watch choreographed performances as dancers performed under those same rules and constraints. I worked on the rules themselves, and the pattern layouts, concentrating on creating something that would be inviting and playful but still leave Brian and his dancers with the freedom to perform and improvise.


The full credits for the piece, which involved many contributors, are available on Brian’s site. You can also see more information on the design process and the aims for my part of the design process in this article I wrote for the Design Council.