PARK PARK / 2018-19 / as part of Matheson Marcault, with Mick Marston and Dust


PARK PARK is a collection of small games inspired by King Edward Memorial Park.

We were commissioned by Tideway to create an artwork for the hoardings surrounding a building site in the park, which will be in place for two years as a new sewer is built. We worked with local groups to develop and playtest 20 games that visitors could play within the park - some inspired by its history, some by its current use, some intended to get people looking at and understanding the park in new ways.

DSC_0118 (1).JPG

We then worked with amazing illustrator Mick Marston and design studio dust, who together created a design for the games that reimagined different elements of the park and provided extra prompts (letters, colours, patterns) that could be used in the games.