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Inverted Operas

Inverted Operas / 2017-19 / with David Helbich and Rosario Talevi


Inverted Operas was a commission for Playsonic, a festival at Alte Oper investigating the overlap between games and music. I worked alongside architect Rosario Talevi and composer David Helbich to develop an interactive performance that filled the square outside the Alte Oper.


Visitors to the square found moveable mirrored sculptures inspired by elements of the opera house’s interior decoration; performers with many different instruments; and cards that they could use to guide them. Each card provided a suggestion of a different way to observe or add to the music (and to the ambient noise of the square, which formed a key part of the piece). Players listened and took part for as long as they liked, exchanging cards with facilitators and other players until they chose to move on.


A version of Inverted Operas has been developed further, led by David Helbich, and run at other events as Listening Automat.