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A selection of other writing, mostly around play.

Game Changers: Billiards (read online). 2018. An overview of the evolving history of billiards, tying in with the Game Changers exhibition at Somerset House.

Kickstarting Art Deck. 2017-18. A monthly column for Tabletop Gaming magazine following the process of developing and kickstarting our card game Art Deck.

Fun and Gaming (read online). 2017. A contribution for the London Essays about the way that even purely digital games respond to and influence the physical environment in which they are played.

Inviting Player Creativity through Game Mechanics (watch online). A talk for GDC 2017 about games that encourage players to create within them, and the way this can be supported by different mechanics.

City Play (2017). An essay for Critical Hits: an Indie Gaming Anthology, looking at the design process of games for cities.

A Brief History of Ludicrous Sci-Fi Sports (read online). 2016. An essay for How We Get To Next on different futuristic sports from science fiction movies and television series - along with an appraisal of just how likely it is that the sport might make it to the real world.

From Pall Mall to the Treasure Hunt Riots (read online). 2016. A look at the way that London’s geography and architecture has been shaped by play, for CityMetric.

21 Games (read online, or watch the video). 2015. A microtalk for GDC, covering the rules for 21 games in five minutes.

A Beekeeper’s Guide to Game Design (read online). 2015. A poem about designing games for bees.

A Day in the Life of a Games Designer (read online). 2014. A short article for the Guardian about the day-to-day of

Games in Gaps. 2012. An exploration of the role that games have played in both the physical and temporal interstitial spaces of cities, for Arc Magazine 1.2.

Their Questions Answered (read online). 2011. A blog answering the rhetorical questions that readers sent in to the Guardian magazine, which ran online for about a year and briefly as a column within the magazine itself.