city games

Games for playing in public space, turning cities, festivals and museums into game boards.

 photo by Ben Peter Catchpole

photo by Ben Peter Catchpole

one easy step

A set of patterns filling the Quad at King's College London, and five mirrored plinths, each with a game to play.

Matheson Marcault // 2016

 Illustrations by Martina Paukova

Illustrations by Martina Paukova

54 cities

A deck of cards that also contains a puzzle-driven walking tour, sending players on four different routes around Kensington and Chelsea - one for each suit.

Matheson Marcault for InTRANSIT // 2015



A game about coming up with a manifesto that you're willing to stand behind - while racing against the clock.

Matheson Marcault // 2015

 photo by Ben Peter Catchpole

photo by Ben Peter Catchpole

the scientific village fete

A set of fairground games, each one reimagined to tell a different story about science for New Scientist Live

Matheson Marcault // 2016, 2017 


the skegness selfie hunt

A treasure hunt across Skegness for six different moments of strange seaside history, for SO Festival.

Matheson Marcault // 2017

 Photo by John Need

Photo by John Need

the new year games

An afternoon of games throughout Edinburgh's Old Town - from paper aeroplanes in the Hub to a labyrinth in St Giles' Cathedral, drawing over 10,000 players.

Hide&Seek // 2012

 Photo by Colin Davison

Photo by Colin Davison

games for places

A set of games and patterns designed for corners of East Durham, installed as part of East Durham Creates.



99 Tiny Games

Ninety-nine site-specific games, three in each of London's 33 boroughs, scattered throughout the city as part of the Cultural Olympiad.

Hide&Seek // 2012

 Illustration by Martina Paukova

Illustration by Martina Paukova

Treasures: the hunt

A treasure hunt for the Natural History Museum, sending players to places of exceptional natural history interest across London.

Hide&Seek // 2013 


scotch hoppers

Game design for an installation and performance in Glasgow, turning a sidestreet into a playspace as part of the Commonwealth Games cultural programme.

Brian Hartley // 2014



Teams of bees compete to communicate the location of flowers - but they can only dance and hum.

Read the rules // 2008

 Photo by Frank Boyd

Photo by Frank Boyd

the soho stag hunt

Chase a stag. Tie balloons to its antlers. With Alex Fleetwood, Mink Ette and Tassos Stevens.

Read the rules // 2007


no place I'd rather be

A game about building tiny utopias in shoeboxes.

w00t // 2014


circles and squares

Games played on circular patterns, with elastic, ribbons, chasing and performance.

Malta Festival // 2014