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New Small Games

A  couple of silly five-minute games, made in a few hours each...

chatbot's morning after: Chatbot is sad. Chatbot is confused. Chatbot is relying on you to make everything better.

This is a little experimental chatbot game using Elizascript, Terry Cavanagh's neat new build-your-own-chatbot tool.  

Popstar Adventure:  due to a scheduling mixup that's totally not your fault, your band's biggest concert ever and a really important jewel heist are scheduled to take place on the same night.

This Twine game came out of an afternoon game jam at Amaze in Berlin. We made games themed around "Family" or "Popstar Adventure" (you'll never guess which one I picked). I hadn't taken part in a game jam before, so it was slightly intimidating! But it turns out "game jam" just means "make a game quickly and try not to worry about it too much". I didn't quite finish in the allotted time (had a lot of polishing to do, and some more little story branches to add), but it was great fun to try. 

Holly Gramazio